Health Information System Specialist

  • Admission and Registration.

  • Clinics.

  • Pharmacy.

  • Laboratory.

  • X-Ray.

  • Referrals.

  • Accounting

  • Queue.

  • Managements.

  • Reports and Statistics.  

Warehouse Management System - Integrated

  • Real-time global inventory visibility for all your users

  • Multi-warehouse support for large & small facilities

  • Customized user access security levels

  • Online access to standard/customized reports - view inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking info, and more

  • Automatically email notifications of key warehouse events

  • Maintain total visibility

  • Full order management, web service API, order export from Excel, or manual data entry

  • Customizable packing slips

  • Order allocation management

  • Manage inventory by lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date

  • Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy

Psychosocial Clinic Managment System

  • Smart forms

  • Patient Record

  • Visits  a& follow-up's

  • Reporting tools

  • Form generator

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